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ESP Program enrollees must submit a timesheet at the end of every two-week payroll period.


ADP Timecard

Enrollees are responsible for:

  • Completing the timesheet accurately by the end of the pay period
  • Notifying their Monitor that their timesheet is ready for approval at the end of the pay period.

Monitors are responsible for:

  • Confirming that the timesheet accurately reflects the enrollee's work hours
  • Confirming that the enrollee has enough leave available to cover the leave requested. The Monitor can check leave balances in the ADP system by clicking on “My Team” tab and then on “Time Off”.  The enrollee's leave balances are updated every pay period.
  • Approving the timesheet no later than noon (12PM EST) on the Monday following the end of every two-week pay period
  • Retaining a copy of the approved timesheet and keeping it for 3 years for audit purposes (an electronic copy is acceptable)

Partial Hours Worked: Partial-hours worked must be recorded in quarter-hour increments only (.25 .50 .75). If the hours worked are between quarter hour increments, round up to the next quarter hour increment.

Overtime Hours: ESP enrollees may work overtime with the monitor's prior approval and notification to the NOWCC Program Director or Manager.

Signature Date: A timesheet may not be signed prior to the last day worked in the pay period.

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