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Authorized Hours

Authorized hours are the standard number of hours the enrollee is approved/scheduled to work in a two-week pay period.

NOWCC tracks authorized hours for their impact on health insurance eligibility and on the amount of holiday leave (if applicable) available to the enrollee. An enrollee must work a minimum of 60 hours per pay period to maintain medical insurance eligibility.

In any given pay period, an enrollee may work fewer or more than the authorized hours with their monitor's prior approval (but no more than 40 hours in a week and no more hours per day than state laws allow). However, if the authorized hours need to be changed on a permanent or semi-permanent basis, the monitor should notify NOWCC Recruiters/Program Specialists in writing of the change in authorized hours. The correspondence may be via email.


Typically, overtime is defined as time WORKED over 40 hours in a single week (over 8 hours per day in some states). Overtime calculations will not include sick leave or any other non-work hours.

Overtime is rarely required. If an enrollee's assignment requires more than forty (40) hours of work per week (more than eight hours per day in some states), you must approve it in advance. This approval must be sent in writing (email is acceptable) each time overtime is to be authorized to the NOWCC Program Director or Manager with a copy to Recruiters/Program Specialists for forwarding to NOWCC Payroll.  Authorized overtime will be paid at time and a half.