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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions for Monitors & State Coordinators

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1. Time & Attendance and Electronic Timesheets:

Why is ADP Workforce Now asking for me to answer the security questions?

When you log in for the first time or your computer system was recently rebooted, the computer will ask you to answer your security questions.

How do I get a report of the total paid/worked hours per Enrollee?

Contact the Roll Out Support Team for help creating the report, at NOWCCSupport@nowcc.org OR call them at (833) 693-0476 or (571) 512-3106

I need to approve my Enrollees’ timesheets but I can’t get into the timesheet system.

Email or call your NOWCC Roll Out Support Team and they will be able to help you. Email: NOWCCSupport@nowcc.org or call (833) 693-0476 or (571) 512-3106

When should I approve the timesheet?

Timesheets should be approved on the last day of the pay period or the last day Enrollee worked.

I don’t remember my user id or password.

On the ADP log in page there is a link for "Forgot your user ID/password?"

How do I know that I have approved the hours for my Enrollee?

The ADP Workforce Now will display a message saying that the operation was “APPROVED.” Additionally, the yellow warning triangles in the 2nd column will turn into white checkmarks in green boxes.

My Enrollee wants Vacation time off.  How does he/she request leave?

There is no formal paperwork or leave slip that has to be submitted to NOWCC to request leave. Coordinating vacation leave is between the Enrollee and his/her Monitor. Enrollees should send their leave requests directly to their Monitor.

If I or my Enrollee discovers that the hours are not reported correctly, what should we do?

Call the NOWCC Payroll department at 703-243-0706.

I have already approved the timesheet, but I’m still receiving email asking me to approve the hours.

You have approved the timesheet partially or your Enrollee has made a change. Therefore, our Payroll department needs you to log in again and review & approve the remaining hours.

My Enrollee is not available to enter his/her hours in the ezLaborManager. Can I enter the hours for him/her and make an adjustment later on?

Yes, under extenuating circumstances, Monitors can enter the hours for his/her Enrollees and then approve them. When the Enrollee returns to work, he/she can verify the hours and our Payroll department can make adjustments if needed.

My Enrollee submitted Vacation and Holiday leave on the same day to make up his normal work schedule. Is that okay?

Yes, it is acceptable.

When my Enrollee is on Leave Without Pay (LWOP) and does not report any hours, what should I do?

You or the Enrollees still need to fill out the timesheet. Enter the hours the Enrollee would normally have worked, but select the Pay Code: LWOP.  If the LWOP is expected to be 30 days or longer, contact your Field Office about placing the Enrollee on an Inactive status.

2. Monitor changes, contact information updates, etc.

How do I change a Monitor?
Fill out and email or fax the Authorized Signature Form to the Program Director or Program Manager. 

How important is it to let NOWCC know your correct name, email address, and work phone number?
This information is very important. Our Payroll department uses this information to set up your user account for approving the timesheet. They will email you the log-in instructions and in some cases they will contact you by phone.

Why is the NOWCC Payroll department asking me to forward their emails to the Monitors?
Our Payroll department tried to send the emails (for example, the Instructions for approving the timesheets) to the Monitors, but the e-mails bounced. Therefore, they need your help.

Why am I getting a message that NOWCC cannot send email to me?
If you are unable to receive emails from NOWCC it is possible that the emails are being flagged as Spam. If you have a Spam or Junk folder in your email account look there first. Otherwise contact your IT Department and have them ‘whitelist’ all emails from the @nowcc.org domain.

3. CSC - Customer Service Center

What is CSC (Customer Service Center)?
The CSC provides information such as spending, budget, LTD (life-to-date) per Enrollee reports, and Enrollees’ records.

Do I need a User ID for using CSC and how do I get it?
Contact your NOWCC Field Office to get your user ID and password.
South Central Field Office: 214-989-3271

4. Task Agreement

The Task Agreement is running out of funding, but the projects Enrollees are working on have not been completed yet. What are my options?
In order to continue with your current projects after the funding in the Task Agreement ends, you will need to secure additional funding and execute a modification to add more funding. Alternatively, you can create a new Task Agreement.  Once the new agreement is executed and funded, NOWCC will transfer the Enrollees from the old agreement into the new one so they can complete the projects.