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Monitors are not required to give formal feedback to enrollees. In fact, Monitors are explicitly prohibited from "writing periodic formal performance evaluations" because enrollees are not NPS staff. Therefore, the ESP does not schedule a formal annual review process.  However, the enrollee will probably benefit from informal performance-related feedback when they first begin new duties. 

Performance Issues

NOWCC is responsible for administration of traditional human resources actions for ESP enrollees. Therefore NOWCC should be contacted to address enrollee conduct or performance issues. Monitors should provide regular feedback to enrollees about their work performance. If a problem arises that impacts work performance or conduct the monitor should ensure they have brought the matter to the attention of the enrollee with recommendations for improvement. If the problem continues, then the monitor must contact the NOWCC Program Director. The NOWCC Field Office will assess the situation and recommend appropriate actions, and then work with the monitor and enrollee.


ESP Enrollees are not NPS employees therefore they are not eligible to receive NPS awards, including cash awards, medals, plaques, certificates, or superior performance citations. NPS may, however, give letters of appreciation to ESP Enrollees. Monitors who wish to give such a recognition should inform the NOWCC recruiter/program specialist.

Another way to recognize your enrollees is to share their story on our website through the "Enrollee Spotlight".