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NOWCC staff will post the approved Position Description on the NOWCC website and Internet job boards. Postings may also be made to other websites, when relevant. Additional ads may also be placed if NPS does not get at least 3 qualified candidates within 2 weeks of the initial postings.

Interested applicants should apply for the positon via our online Applicant Portal.

The NOWCC Field Office will forward the resumes and applications of qualified candidates to the appropriate Monitor. 


Interviews are optional and the Monitor and the NOWCC Recruiter will work to determine which candidates should be interviewed or screened.

Checking references

The NOWCC Field Office will check at least 2 references. If the references are unfavorable, the NOWCC Field Office will notify the NPS Monitor. Otherwise, the NOWCC Field Office will proceed with an offer to the applicant.

Offering the Position

NOWCC will work with the selectee and the Monitor to set a start date.

Enrollment & Orientation

With the Monitor's assistance, the NOWCC Field Office will arrange a telephone orientation session for the Monitor and enrollee on or shortly after the "Start Date." The ESP Program web site will serve as the basis for the orientation.