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Creating new Task Agreement:

Step 1. Determine the amount of funds your park or unit can obligate toward the ESP.  

Step 2. Determine your needs, and draft a task agreement using the template on the NPS ESP intranet site at: https://doimspp.sharepoint.com/sites/ESPWebinar. This TA can be quite specific or general, as your needs dictate.

Step 3. Draft position descriptions for each identified position using the Job Description template.

Step 4. NOWCC will provide you with an estimated budget and a form SF-424, SF-424a, and SF-424b.

Step 5. Click here to download the Task Agreement Template. You can also find it on the NPS sharepoint site linked above.

Once the task agreement has been executed, NOWCC will then post the vacancy, screen applicants, provide resumes to the Monitor, check references and enroll the selectee after finalizing reference checks.


Modifying a Task Agreement

Step 1: Determine if you have authorized funds that haven’t yet been obligated to the TA. Working with your ATR and FAO, decide how much you want to add.

Step 2: Determine if you want to extend the period of performance, increase the wages, add new positions falling within the scope of the existing TA, or add travel and/or training, or any combination of these.

Step 3: Contact the Program Director or Program Analyst and let them know the amount of funds you want to add.  We will prepare the new SF-424, SF-424a, and SF-424b and send to you.

Step 4:  Execute the task agreement.

Step 5: Update or create a new job description, if required, and send to Program Director or Program Manager.