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Reasons for Separation

Enrollees can be released from the ESP in the following ways:

Position Abolishment - Positions may be abolished at the approving official's discretion. Documentation explaining the reason for abolishment - e.g., lack of funding or lack of work - must be provided to NOWCC upon separation.  If you plan to abolish a position, contact your NOWCC Program Manager.

Resignation - Enrollees may resign at any point during their Enrollment Agreement period. NOWCC encourages enrollees to give at least two weeks notice to their Monitor and NOWCC Field Office.

Separation for Cause - The NOWCC Field Office must be made aware of performance issues immediately if a situation requires the initiation of any disciplinary action. Other than instances involving threatening behavior toward co-workers or other serious offenses requiring immediate dismissal, enrollees must be given due process, with the intent of improving the enrollee's performance, before a separation for cause action can be initiated. The NPS Monitor and the NOWCC Field Office will mutually agree on disciplinary actions regarding enrollees and jointly oversee the process.

If an enrollee has failed to carry out his or her duties, has violated NOWCC/ESP policy, has committed misconduct or if required improvements have not been made in their performance, the enrollee may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including separation from the ESP and a new enrollee may be recruited to fill the position.

The Monitor will work cooperatively with NOWCC Program Director on the separation process.