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Timesheets for Absent Enrollees

For accurate recordkeeping purposes, ESP enrollees must submit a timesheet for every pay period, even if they did not work in that pay period.  When an enrollee did not work during the pay period, the enrollee should enter the authorized hours and select “LWOP” from the Pay Code column.

If, due to a scheduled absence, an enrollee cannot submit a timesheet at the end of a pay period, the enrollee should submit the timesheet on the last day worked before the absence.

If the absence was unplanned, or the enrollee was for some reason unable to complete a timesheet, the Monitor should complete a timesheet for the enrollee, entering the hours and approving the timesheet in the ADP Timesheet Portal.

If a Monitor needs assistance in completing an enrollee's timesheet in their absence, contact your NOWCC Roll Out Support Team.