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Enrollee Wages

Currently, there are four position levels in the ESP. Each has a different wage range:

Position Level

Entry Wage 
per Hour

Maximum Wage**
per Hour

Level 1 - Technical, no degree required
- soil conservation technicians
- engineering technicians



Level 2 - Technical, Non-Specific Degree or Undergraduate Degree Required
- soil conservationists
- soil scientists



Level 3 - Professional, Specific degree required or Masters Degree Required
- engineers
- agronomists



Level 4 - Professional, Professional/Expert Advanced Degree Required or Doctoral Degree Required with Extensive Experience
- horticultural specialists
- resource conservationists 









* Entry Wage Range is the hourly wage each participant receives when beginning a new position. 

** Maximum Wage is reached by fifty cent ($0.50) to one dollar ($1.00) per hour annual increases.
Enrollees receive a minimum of $0.50/hr increase annually on their anniversary date, until they have reached the maximum wage for their level.